Product information

The Bosch GR 8 C Eight Foot Telescoping Aluminum Leveling Rod allows the user to work with ease at an extended maximum height of 96". Rod sections are imprinted with weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant inks. Made of durable aluminum with a weight of two pounds, the Bosch GR 8 C is lightweight and easy to handle. The durable locking buttons allow for the user to adjust to a desired height while its design allows for smooth extension. The easy-to-read graduations enable users to read at any height.


  • Aluminium sections imprinted with weather and corrosion resistant inks
  • Max. height extended: 8 feet
  • Injection molded sectional joints and high strength locking buttons
  • Graduated in feet / inches

Technical data

Maximum Height
Section Clamping Style
Locking Buttons
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